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Weight Management With EFT

3 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work:

· They cause most people to feel deprived, which triggers emotional and behavioral “rebellion.” Before long, after feelings of deprivation set in, people typically begin to overeat to compensate for those feelings. If you use a diet to curb your cravings, it will usually fail at this point.

· Diets don’t work because the body thinks it is going into starvation mode. When the body perceives the danger of starvation it will “hoard” calories and fat for safety. This explains why most people actually can begin to gain weight or plateau even though they have been ingesting a much smaller volume of calories.

· Diets don’t work because they focus on the wrong target – food – rather than on the underlying cause of weight gain, which are the emotions that can cause us to overeat in the first place. If you target food as the underlying cause of your weight issue, you have missed the opportunity to make lasting change. We have weight problems because of the emotional stress connected to our Past, Present and Futures.

· We will target emotional stress for our Present, our Pasts and our Futures in this 4 - 5 part class. There are many layers to these issues and we will eliminate them one by one. 

· You will not be required to verbalize any specific issues or divulge personal information in a group setting unless you wish to. I will show you how to get past these stressors rapidly and permanently. Any underlying issues that come up again can be cleared with a bit more EFT.

Classes begin each week. Call for a schedule

Please call Norma 502-819-8200 to sign up or if you have questions.

This program has a high success rate when all classes are completed.


Cost $ 400 for 5 weeks

Individual or Group Sessions

I will work with you until you are successful !

Sign up via email to:

Easily done anywhere in the world via SKYPE

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