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This video is of Whoopi Goldberg who had not flown on a plane for 12 years after witnessing a mid air collision. The specific method they speak of was TFT or Thought Field Therapy which was the precursor of EFT. Gary Craig, founder of EFT streamlined the process that millions of people around the world are utilizing to overcome all kinds of issues, including the fear of flying. They do not show the final outcome but stated she overcame her fear of flying with 5 hours of TFT. EFT generally gets much quicker results, usually within 1-2 hours and many times less.

Whoopi Goldberg and Fear of Flying

How EFT can rewire your brain:

by Dawson Church, PhD

***New*** Eric Robins, MD

Describes the uses of EFT in his medical practice

***New*** EFT for PTSD in War Veterans

Probably the best video to see the rapid results of EFT in action, with contributions from:

Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

Stephen S Nagy, MD, Psychiatrist

Dawson Church, PhD

Carol Look, LCSW, DCH

David Feinstein, PhD, Psychologist

Greg Nicosia, PhD, Psychologist

and others

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