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The Science Behind EFT

Developed by Gary Craig, an engineering graduate from Stanford University, Emotional Freedom Techniques debuted in the early 1990’s after expounding upon the work of Roger Callahan, a pioneering psychologist.    

It is not really necessary to understand how or why it works in the body, but the following information may help explain the process:


Think of a television with an electrical problem. You may get a fuzzy picture or one that fades in and out or goes off completely . The best reception occurs when there are no energy blockages. Your body will function at peak performance both emotionally and physically when your body is "firing on all circuits" just like an electric appliance.

Although some people may naturally process these negative chemicals out of their bodies, many do not. Every emotional and physical trauma you experience in your life can potentially stay with you for life in the form of chemicals emitted from the hypothalamus and other glands. These chemicals dock onto cell receptor sites. EFT helps dislodge the chemicals from the sites and clears them from the body, releasing your conscious mind of the negative thoughts surrounding the event. You still recall the event but there is no longer a heavy negative charge to it.

50+ Trillion Cells in the Human Body       

EVERY CELL in our body has millions of cell receptor sites. The chief function of the cell receptors is to take in proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to feed the cells, release waste products and keep them in a state of homeostasis or balance.

Physiological Responses to Negative Events in Detail

When an emotional event occurs……Whether it is a trauma of abuse, neglect, car accident or something someone says, something you see happening, a physical illness or injury……  

  • The hypothalamus and adrenals are small glands near the brain lying just above the pituitary gland which release chemicals called peptides

  • Peptides are short chain amino acids which manifest as emotions in our bodies. Emotions are literally chemical combinations that cause responses within our cells and our bodies

  • The peptides attach to cell receptor sites throughout the entire body, inhibiting proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from entering the sites

  • The chemicals in the form of emotions stay in the cells unless they can be dislodged

  • These weakened receptor sites shrink up and die and the cell divides

  • The body then makes more cells with receptor sites that have the same chemical combinations (emotions), making less area for the much needed nutrients to enter the cells

  • The emotions caused by the event continue to remain in the body as these chemical combinations on a physiological basis

  • The psychological trauma from past events remain in your body as emotional, biochemical and physiological signatures on those receptor sites

  • These emotions must be dealt with on a physiological basis before they can be eliminated at the cellular level

  •  EFT causes the chemicals to be released from the cell receptors, helping you to release negative emotions rapidly and generally permanently

**Tapping imparts kinetic energy (of motion) and is done on the energy meridian endpoints, or acupuncture points, on the face, hands and a few other areas of the body with your fingertips. No needles are involved. This is a self help tool that you can use and teach to others for a lifetime of freedom from negative emotions**

**Since most physicians agree that physical illness often follows emotional trauma of some sort, many physical symptoms have also been helped by EFT. ** It is estimated that 85-95% of all illnesses, disease processes and injuries are rooted in emotional causes. Most doctors know this and the National Institute for Health, World Health Organization, The Mayo Clinic and other hospitals and medical schools also agree with the percentage varying slightly.

EFT works on even the biggest skeptics since it work on the cellular level!

*EFT is meant to be a complement to qualified psychiatric or physician led care and you are encouraged to consult with your physician and any other medical or mental health care practitioners that you normally see.

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