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Many of the people who have written testimonials for me have agreed to share their email address with anyone who would like to contact them and ask further questions. Just let me know and I will forward their email to you!

Newest Testimonial

June 15, 2012

William Savoy

May 17, 2012

                Working with Norma has been a true blessing! Having just ended my collegiate at the University of Louisville playing defensive end, I needed to prepare and do well at the Pro Day Combine so I could possibly have a chance of making it to the NFL! Unfortunately, the past season had taken a toll on me mentally and physically. I didn’t have the end of the year statistics I aimed for and on top of that I had a banged up shoulder that affected my play greatly. I was working out and getting stronger but mentally it was very obvious that I was missing something. That’s when I somehow bumped into Norma. She explained to me that using EFT I could “tap” away the pain in my shoulder and also get my confidence back that I had lost last season. Now when she first told me this I thought she was CRAZYYY! At the same time beggars cannot be choosers so I gave it a try. After a lot of skepticism I noticed that the pain was reducing in my shoulder rather quickly. The pain was about an 8 but after working with Norma it dropped to a 0 and I had full range of motion in my shoulder again. I also had a groin surgery before my senior year kept me from opening up like I wanted to. Just like my shoulder, the pain dropped from a 7 to a 0! This allowed my groin to warm up as easily as the rest of my body does I was able to run a great 40 yard dash time. More importantly the fear of reinjury of my shoulder and groin were removed! Also my confidence was coming back! I felt better than I have felt in a while! It was amazing. When Pro Day came I felt great my body and mind were completely in sync with each other. I had no fear and was at 100 percent and ready to perform.

Here is the Proof!

Below is My Draft Profile with my stats

· 40 Yard Dash – 4.67

· 3 Cone Drill - 7.04

· Bench Press – 21

· Vertical Jump – 34 and ½

· 20 Yard Shuttle - 4.29

Here are some clips of my Pro Day:

Working with Norma has been amazing. She is not only an amazing EFT trainer but a great person as well. She gave me a chance to compete at the next level which I otherwise would not have had! She is a terrific lady and everyone should work with her. EFT is weird at first but it will help you get closer to your dreams if you just buy in!


**On June 15, 2012, William received a call from the New England Patriots inviting him to tryout with the team**



Norma is a very gifted healer. She is dedicated and passionate about what she does. I trust her work implicitly. She leaves no stone unturned when finding what you need to clear and clearing it. She has vast knowledge and implements it beautifully into her sessions. She is patient, compassionate caring and fosters a sense of trust. I love her EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions. I always know I am going to feel terrific and move mountains after my sessions with her. I have less pain in my body than I have had in years, and I know continuing to work with her it will soon be completely gone. Lisa A

Testimonial for Poisoning and Anxiety

Oct 2011

Hello again,

I'm forwarding my original email and something that you may use as a testimonial. You asked what percentage I was at in the reduction of my anxiety and I told you it had gone from 90% to 10%. My first email on Oct.18th didn't sound so positive as I said I had good days and bad, but as I look back now I have gotten better even since Oct.18th. So here's to "keep tapping."

               After an accidental poisoning in my home by natural gas, I found that my health was not recovering, but instead my nervous system had been affected and was causing me to have huge anxiety and panic attacks as well as fear that I was not safe in my home. Medications were not very helpful in managing the anxiety and I did not want to get addicted to medications that are often used to treat it, so I sought for an alternative solution. I had heard of EFT and knew it involved tapping on meridian points and then I saw a notice of a training for EFT available at a health food store. I attended one of the sessions and Norma was the practitioner/trainer. I then made an appointment with her and she tapped with me about my anxiety, panic and fears and taught me the tapping points. What amazed me was how accurately Norma could put into words the feelings that I was going through which helped me to get to zero on the intensity scale. She said being specific is important. She met with me several times when I was in distress and the results were amazing. My fears and anxiety now are nearly gone and I am continuing to tap on different aspects of anxiety whenever it shows up. What was once a daily occurrence of anxiety has now become occasional and manageable as I tap whenever I start to have a sensation that could develop into anxiety and tap it away before it becomes overwhelming. Also, tapping regularly helps resolve many emotional aspects of daily stress. I am happy and fortunate to have had Norma work with me while in great distress and teach me this technique of energy healing that I can use the rest of my life. PS

This testimonial is amazing to me. She has come so far. I must say that she was actively engaged in the process and continues to do her "homework" above and beyond as she reaches for complete recovery! I am so happy to have been a part of her journey. norma


Before I worked with Norma, my golf handicap was an 18. I told her I was having trouble with my back swing on my drives and would tend to slice the ball. She met me at the driving range and worked with me for about 30 minutes. Before working with her, I would generally slice about 6-7 of my drives on an 18 hole course. Norma showed me not only how to take the mental jitters completely out of my game, but also helped me to gain more control on my back swing and drive. 

A few days later, I played on four different courses in four days. I only sliced the ball ONCE in 4 DAYS!! I was able to relax, have more fun and play so much better than I ever had. When I heard Norma talking about EFT with a friend, I thought it was a bunch of nonsense, then she mentioned golf and I was a bit more interested. She told me what EFT would help me do and I thought it couldn't hurt and I hoped it would help. Norma and EFT exceeded my expectations by a mile! All this in 30 minutes. I will work with her again on the rest of my game as soon as possible. It is exciting to know that I can enjoy the game more and not worry about letting my emotions get in the way, even if I do make one bad shot. Thanks Norma!

F. R. - Retired exec with a major corporation, Louisville, KY

April 2011

Note from Norma......

FR actually played 18 holes/36 holes/36 holes/18 holes of golf on the 4 consecutive days slicing only once.

Because FR played on four different courses than his home course, we cannot say he lowered his handicap at this point. Time will give us a better picture of that. We are scheduled to work on all of his shots and issues surrounding his golf game in the near future. FR is one of the most skeptical people I know. He looked at me that first time as if I had three heads on my shoulders, but was too polite to mention it! This tells us that, skeptical or not, EFT WORKS! You don't have to believe it will work because it works at the cellular level, ridding the body of the chemicals of negative events and emotions. We can make even more permanent changes by walking the course together.

I can also "walk the course" with you via the phone or Skype as we talk about your specific golf issues, so give me a call. FR is really glad he did, skepticism and all. Now I will have really done my job when he translates EFT into his life as well as his game!



Testimonial: Fear of Public Speaking

March 2011

This is a recent testimonial from a man I have been working with for about 6 weeks. He initially came to me for several other issues regarding "life's baggage" and some physical issues, some of which we have resolved. The email from him today reflects how you can use EFT for all aspects of your life. Fear of Public Speaking is probably the top fear of all fears. It can impact your life quite positively or get to choose with EFT at your fingertips! He initially called me during a panic attack, but calmed down when we went over appropriate tapping protocols for the root problem: having to do impromptu public speaking, where you are given the topic just before you speak:


Had to write to give you the follow-up

Well, as you know, I called you Tuesday evening, in a panic. I was attending a training session at the corporate office. I had to successfully pass this course to maintain my current position in the office and not have to return to the production floor, which after my surgeries; I do not think I would be able to do again.  

Monday’s sessions went really well, however, on Tuesday it did not seem that I could do anything right and I could tell (and so could everyone else) that the Instructor was not very pleased. So, I called you, we spoke about my panic attack and you instructed me on the Tapping I needed to do and why. I tapped that night for about twenty minutes and for about ten minutes before I left the hotel on Wednesday morning. Wednesday’s session was awesome --- Instructor complemented me a number of times ---- Thursday’s session went well also.

Thank you so much for being there for me and assisting me in saving my current position and I am going to do my best to remember that night and the fears so that I remember the importance of Tapping and continue to do it daily.

Thanks Again--- EC "

Note: The issue was fear of impromptu public speaking and the panic it caused after the second speaking session. Clearly he brought his intensity levels down to zeros on both issues, or he would not have done so well the last two days of the training session. 

Imagine being able to calm and fortify yourself to make positive strides in your professional career! Talk about empowering!


Testimonial Miscellaneous Issues

Testimonial: Jenni C. Nashville, TN

This is a young woman whom I met recently. We tapped on several issues in person and she "took it home" with her to great success. She is even sharing it with her sister, nephew and her dog. 

From sessions on November 6, 2010

Hi Norma,

My biggest issue that we worked on was the negative ions in my body and how they have affected any type of electronics I use. I have never gotten an electronic device to work as well for me as it does other people. I am on my second brand new Droid phone (I sent my first one back because I couldn't get anything to work) and before meeting you and learning about EFT and tapping to correct my negative ions I was dropping calls several times during a conversation, also my phone would turn on and off without me actually doing anything. A few times I shut down my husband's phone by just touching it. I had problems at work where my computer wouldn't work properly and no one could figure out why, and the biggest issue was remote controls in my house would never work for me. Since Saturday night I have had ZERO dropped calls, my husband is no longer scared to let me use or hold his phone. I have been able to be on the computer without programs failing or restarting themselves. It is great being able to use electronics and having them actually do the things they were designed to do.

I also have suffered from cold sores since I was young and last week I had a cold sore that I had been battling with for over 2 weeks and it just would not heal. When I got home on Sunday after meeting you I tapped on it and it had completely gone away by the next day.

I worked with my sister and showed her how to tap and we tried it on a cough that she has had for weeks. She was very skeptical and really only tapped because I asked her to. The next day she called to thank me for tapping with her because she didn't have her cough anymore and the night before she wasn't woken up by coughing and she hadn't even taken cough syrup.

Finally, this afternoon I got my carpets shampooed and I have 2 dogs and a cat and usually when I vacuum or move the furniture around I have an awful sinus attack with sneezing, tightness of the chest and coughing. Today before I started moving or vacuuming I got a wet paper towel and moved it around the rooms and tapped on the allergens that I suffered from. I was able to vacuum my whole house and get the carpets shampooed without sneezing once!! My chest isn't tight afterward and I feel great.

Let me know if you need anything else, and I will keep you posted with everything else I tap about. You can use me as a reference whenever needed. Thanks again for all your help.


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