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EFT for Sports Performance

EFT can help your athletes begin practices and competitions with a calm mind and relaxed body. As coaches, we all know how valuable that is. And the truth is we know it is INVALUABLE. Essentially EFT works "between the ears" of an athlete.

EFT removes mental, physical and mechanical blocks so that athletes can perform at their highest level possible, based on individual talent, commitment, and training practices.

This removal of mental, physical and mechanical blocks occurs at the cellular level. It isn't rocket is simply a biochemical response

in the body.

I presented to an international audience on the subject of using EFT for Sports Performance in 2013

I have been using these methods since being trained by the 1980 Olympic Coaches.

The Effect of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on Athletic Performance: A Randomized Controlled Blind Trial

with the

Oregon State University Mens and Womens Basketball Teams 2008

Programs are designed specifically

for you with input from you and your coach.

Customized Team and Individual Programs Available

contact Norma @ 502 819-8200

*training can be done over the phone or skype*

please visit for testimonials

EFT is a simple and quick procedure that gently balances the body's energy system through the process of tapping the same energy meridian points on the body used by acupuncturists for roughly five thousand years. Instead of using needles, we tap these meridians with the fingertips. 

Every emotional and physical trauma you experience in your life can potentially stay with us for our entire lives in the form of chemicals emitted from the hypothalamus gland. These chemicals dock onto our cell receptor sites. EFT helps dislodge the chemicals from the sites and clears them from the body, releasing both your conscious and subconscious minds of the negative thoughts surrounding the event. You still recall the events of your conscious mind but there is no longer a negative charge to it. (Subconscious thoughts may be buried so deeply that we don't have an actual memory, but the subconscious mind remembers everything).

 EFT can be done equally successfully over the phone or Skype!

EFT takes 15 minutes or less to administer on an individual issue in most cases and can be done with the entire team at the same time, typically pre-game. Individual sessions are advisable initially and would be approximately 30-60 minutes in length. Initial assessment would rely on existing statistics for the athlete and coach. The next step involves developing protocols which are based on recommendations from the coaches, trainers and the athletes. Subsequent protocols for corrections take 2-5 minutes for each issue. Each athlete is given a specific set of protocols based on their needs. 

Results are typically permanent. When they are not, there may be underlying issues which can also be dealt with using EFT.   

Money Back Guarantee if

You Don't See Measurable Results

What can EFT do for Athletes of All Levels ?

  • Remove any mental blocks from their individual performances - free throw shooting, rebounding, putting, stroke mechanics, passing, pass reception, jump shot, and any other aspects of your particular sport that either you or your coaches want to address

  •  Help athletes move beyond their “comfort zone” of performance to a higher level see the**NFL Pro Day Testimonial link above**

  •  EFT can speed the healing time of many injuries (injuries almost always cause the body’s electrical system to malfunction and EFT puts the system back into high gear – the finer tuned your electrical system, the finer tuned your body will be and injuries tend to heal faster). Research is ongoing but points to much faster rates of injury recovery. According to attending team physicians where EFT is used as part of the athletic program, injuries tend to heal about 50% faster than expected.

  • Remove pre-game anxiety, doubts, and fears

  • Improve confidence both as an athlete, a student and individually

  • Remove fear of injury or re-injury

  • Remove negative behaviors

  • Remove past performance anxieties

  • Improve body mechanics in shorter time frames

  • Improve performance consistency

  • Improve court presence (geared to any sport)

  • Improve mental focus

  • Improve discipline and motivation

  • Reduce post practice and game recovery times

  • Lessen the effects of jet lag or travel on the body including altitude adjustments

  • Improve any aspect of the sport that coaches or athletes wish to fine tune

  • Improve academic performance, reduce test anxiety & issues related to academics

  • *****EFT is also effective with learning disorders*****

  • Useful as a recruiting tool as an additional benefit to incoming athletes

 **In short, EFT removes the mental, physical and mechanical blocks so that your athletes can perform at the highest level possible, based on talent, attitude, personal commitment, and training practices**

EFT gained its earliest successes with emotional issues. It is only now in the past several years being used for sports performance and it is gaining momentum rapidly. With emotional issues no longer affecting an athlete, especially subconsciously, their bodies and minds will be stronger and more in the moment in the classroom, on the practice court and in the game.  

Other facts:

  • Healing of the body can occur in many areas when the meridian points are stimulated. 

  • What has been noted regularly is that many times emotional healing leads to physical healing in the body.​

  • Attending Physicians are noting that injuries tend to heal about 50% faster than expected when EFT is used as part of the rehabilitation program

  •  Live blood samples shown under dark field microscope, indicate immediate and vast improvement in minutes after EFT is administered (YouTube video: EFT and Blood Cells)

  *EFT is being embraced by more and more physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, trainers, and PhD’s because of its effectiveness and the speed at which positive results are seen for both physical and emotional issues *

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