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Physical & emotional healing for your animal family is now available all over the world. This work is done remotely by proxy and is just as effective as an on-site session. Skype and Phone sessions are available as well as in home sessions in the Greater Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas.

Life Mapping for Animals does a wonderful job of addressing the abandonment issues, fear, stresses, panic and anxieties, aggressive behavior and other issues. This is exceptionally beneficial for animals just being adopted, at any age, and for those animals who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. 

Life Map work allows me to energetically check pets (and PEOPLE) using muscle testing and then to clear the emotions and physical imbalances that contribute to emotional and physical health issues. I can also determine at what age the imbalance occurred, and when necessary, what the triggering event was.

If you are searching for a way to help your pet be the best he or she can be, Life Mapping finds the imbalances behind behaviors, illness and infertility. The animals energy system is then cleared of the offending trapped emotions and physical imbalances. 

This healing work can be applied to all animals, dogs, cats, horses, rescued and rehabilitating wildlife and more. It is extremely effective. This is a Planet Friendly, Pet Friendly (and People too) natural, holistic healing tool for natural pet health care.

NOTE: We use Life Mapping for Humans as well!!!

Session Fee is $ 60 per hour or $ 90 for an hour and a half.

We can accomplish several issues in that time frame.






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