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 A New You

These sessions are designed to help you transform all areas of life that you feel are holding you back from being who and what you were meant to be!

With these energy techniques you can easily make these transformations with my one on one help in a series of sessions. 

You have two choices on the design of your session schedule:

1. Two 1 hour and 30 minute sessions per week for 5 weeks


2. One 1 hour and 30 minute sessions per week for 10 weeks.

Additionally I will try to accomodate your scheduling needs as my schedule permits. 

In this Five Week Intensive Combo Session, I will be utilizing a powerful combination of

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques

Matrix Reimprinting (MR)

Life Mapping

Vibrational Healing

and other Energy Healing Techniques


EFT uses the same meridian points used by acupuncturists for over 5000 years. We use the fingertips and a series of guided protocols to remove the chemical imprint of life's baggage: negative memories, traumas (physical & emotional), limiting beliefs and much more from our bodies.

These negative emotions manifest in our bodies as disease, either emotional, physical or sometimes both. Everything you have ever experienced, good and bad, are stored in both a cellular memory and in our energy fields. EFT removes these stored memories in the form of the actual chemical footprint of the event such as fear, injury, trauma, anxiety etc. When you remove these negative chemicals from the body, the results are usually rapid and permanent.

Matrix Reimprinting

MR utilizes EFT while we very gently go over past traumatic events. Our subconscious minds (SCM), have literally archived everything you have ever experienced, good or bad from your entire life. In the matrix you get to rewrite your event by changing the outcome or the way that it happened to a more positive learning experience that is better for you. Once you reimprint the new image or memory, the SCM replaces the old memory with its negative learning with the new more positive learning in a process called Memory Reconsolidation. Lessons learned from a negative memory such as "I am not worthy of love," become "I am loved" or "I deserve love." 

This is important because the SCM is responsible for 90-95% of the continuous daily programs that run through your mind subliminally. The negative learnings from your life have been running in a continuous loop since they occurred. The new, positive lesson immediately becomes the new daily program on an endless loop every day of your life from now on. These changes are typically profound and noticed immediately. MR opens you up to serious quantum leaps in how you see yourself and consequently in how others perceive and respond to you. My own MR experiences have been life changing. My clients report the same.

Other Healing Techniques

Muscle Testing - I have used kinesiology and muscle testing since 1980 to show people how the electrical/energy system in the body can be "ramped up and down" depending on the situation. I learned it from the 1980 Olympic Coaches who toured the country giving clinics after the US Boycott of those games. You will learn how to do this for yourself. You can ask questions of your body, and it will literally answer you in a physical way. This is great to test whether personal products are in natural harmony with your body. If they are, the product should work well for you. If not, you may want to select another and test it as well. You can also use EFT to clear the resistance of a product so that you may then use it. 

**Do not use muscle testing for allergy testing

if you have severe allergic reactions**

Life Mapping - We will use LM to locate and identify old emotions that have become chemically locked in your body as well as physical issues. We will determine what stage of life they occurred in and where they have manifested (caused trouble) in your body. This is a phenomenal tool for finding core issues that may be causing a physical or emotional problem for you. Once found, we will then remove it energetically and permanently from wherever it has been stored in the body. 

Body Request - Another great tool for helping your body heal itself, as it was designed to do. I use several other energy techniques based on what you need at the time.                  


Each of these healing modalities can be used as Stand Alone procedures and they are extremely effective. Together they are amazingly powerful and will finally allow you to change your life and enable you to create the life you deserve, allowing you to move forward by dumping all the old, negative baggage that we all have picked up on the Road of Life. 

This 5 Week Intensive Program is not for everyone. It is for those of you who are committed to making big changes in your life. This program is custom designed for you and by you with my personal one on one guidance. 

You can choose one or many areas of your life that you would like to change, including:


weight management issues



emotional health

physical health

illness & disease

fitness goals & motivation


sports performance

job performance

fears & phobias

Law of Attraction

and much more..........

You will see improvements throughout your life

more happiness, joy and elation

renewed energy

more positive outlook

better mental health

better physical health

less pain

less stress, life becomes more joyful and easier

relationships improve

and much more...........

For More Information on costs and My

Money Back Guarantee, please go to

If the words "stuck" and "endless loop" resonate with you in your life, please read on.....there is hope! I know because I have done it and so have many of my clients!

This Great New Program is designed to help you remove all the negative baggage picked up along the Road of Life. We all have it, but many times it limits us emotionally and continues to keep us from breaking out of old subconscious patterns. These Limiting Beliefs keep us stuck in an endless loop of not moving forward in our life, our career, in our relationships, our health, both physical and emotional and in our quest for prosperity.

You cannot make more money if you believe at the subconscious level that you are not capable of, not deserving of, or worthy of more money. Those are all examples of limiting beliefs and they not only will hold you back, they absolutely DO hold you back from making the next jump forward in any aspect of life.

These healing techniques have proven track records for changing the way you view those past events at the subconscious level that have negatively affected you throughout the years. 


All of these modalities work just as well on

skeptics as they do for non-skeptics because they

work at the cellular level 

5 Week Intensive

Triple Combo Package

This is an incredibly powerful combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Life Map work, Body Request or other energy techniques. Each week you receive 2, one and one half hour (1.5 hours) sessions in any of the above healing modalities for a total of 5 weeks. Or 1 sessions per week for 10 weeks. YOUR LIFE< YOUR CHOICE! These are LIFE CHANGING healing sessions! These sessions are one on one with me to make sure you reach the goals you desire.

This is a total of 10 sessions for 1.5 hours each

Each healing technique or modality is extremely effective and powerful and stands alone. Combining several of these will help you see profound and typically permanent changes. You may choose to focus on any aspect of your life or a combination of them:

  • Releasing Energy Toxins to feel better and reduce Allergy symptoms and fatigue

  • Release negative and limiting belief ( I am not good enough, etc)

  • Sports Performance

  • Injury & Surgery Recovery

  • Relationships

  • Weight Management (this is not a diet, see Weight Mgmt page)

  • Career

  • Your Relationship with Money/Prosperity

  • Law of Attraction - Breaking negative habits

  • Life's Baggage - Knocking out limiting beliefs that hold you back, defusing old memories, traumas, emotions

  • Physical Issues (pain, depression, etc)

  • Emotional Issues of almost all types

  • Disease processes

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Grief and much much more!

You get to choose and you get to use your imagination on what you most need to work on. I will always guide you to the best sequence for your specific goals.

Why A Package?

It is a BOLD COMMITMENT to yourself to change your life in the ways that bring out the best in you.It holds you ACCOUNTABLE to yourselfIt SAVES you $150 off the regular single session costsThe combined sessions are designed to TRANSFORM YOU into the person YOU CAN AND SHOULD BE

This program is for people who want to finally GET SERIOUS about moving forward in their lives. It works, plain and simple. I am committed to helping you TRANSFORM YOURSELF, because

YOU DESERVE THE BEST of yourself and your life. 

This is the perfect program for those of you who have felt STUCK in and ENDLESS LOOP, never stepping out and moving forward, but just plodding along. 

If the terms STUCK AND ENDLESS LOOP describe your life, then this program will give you profound and positive changes for a new start. Isn't it time to invest in the "you," you were meant to be and step into your new life?

-----Sessions by phone or Skype...your choice-----

In Person Sessions in the Greater Louisville Area, KY

The cost of this 5 (or 10) week, intensive program, with two session per week (or 1 session per week), for a total of 10 sessions is:

Regular individual sessions would cost $ 900....saving you $ 150

I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Debit or Credit Card Payments or Via PayPal, plus US Money Orders

Personal Checks accepted but must clear the bank before the sessions begin.

*****I will allow for flexibility for you as far as my schedule will permit and do my best to accommodate your needs....this is about you and your growth! I am committed to your success!*****


Feel free to call me to discuss any of the programs and how they can work for you. Any information you give me during a session remains confidential forever! 


from 8 am to 10 pm

Eastern Standard or NYC Time

I almost always answer my phone unless I am in session!

or Return to the Homepage and fill out the



My money back guarantee is based upon the following criteria:

If after the first FULL session you have not seen MEASURABLE success (improvements) on individual issues, you will receive a full refund of your money.

Weight Management

Law of Attraction & Abundance


Back Pain


Feel free to suggest a topic via email to



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