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My first introduction to muscle testing was in 1980 by the US Olympic coaches. We had boycotted those Olympics in Russia in protest of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Many of the coaches who had taken sabaticals from their day jobs could not go back to their jobs because there were replacements under contract for the duration of the Olympic schedule.

The Olympic coaches instead toured the country teaching clinics. I was a biology teacher and varsity volleyball coach at one of the high schools they visited. It was an amazing experience and I continued to use muscle testing in my classes and in my volleyball program. Back then the coaches taught us how to use meridian points or acupressure points to increase strength in our athletes.

Muscle testing is a valuable tool for asking questions of your body and for determining how thoughts, personal products, people and everything around us can strengthen or weaken our body's energy system.   

Once we determine what substances, people, places and things weaken our bodies, we can then use EFT and other energy modalities to release those items and people as energy toxins to our bodies. When we eliminate energy toxins on even a small scale our bodies are healthier and stronger. Releasing them on a grand scale is even better. Mentally you will have more clarity as well.  


Muscle testing helps us to find disturbances in our energy system and field when the problem is not apparent otherwise. It can help you determine when your "polarity" is reversed. We live on a planet that has a north and south pole and our bodies are oriented to function on it. When your polarity is reversed within your body you can expect life to be more difficult, you will be grumpy and out of sorts and nothing comes easily. Some people say they feel like they are trying walk around on the earth upside down. You can use EFT and other energy modalities to correct polarity and you can also correct it by thinking positive happy thoughts or by doing Donna Eden's Cross Crawl. While standing, start marching in place or around the room and cross the left hand over and touch the right knee as it comes up, then touch the right hand to the left knee as it rises. Continue this for about 30 seconds or more.


Muscle testing is a method of connecting to your subconscious mind and asking any type of YES or NO questions. You can ask all kinds of questions, even fun ones. You can use it to find lost keys or other items of importance by asking a series of yes/no questions such as:

Are my car keys in the family room, if the answer is NO, then ask are the car keys in the kitchen. Go through each possibility and elliminate the areas until you get a yes answer. The truth is even though you don't consciously remember where you left your keys, your subconscious mind (SCM) knows EXACTLY where you left them. Your SCM is a huge archive of ALL the information of your life and is more powerful than any super computer known to man. Your SCM always knows where your car keys are, even if you don't.

I actually know three people who have used it to determine which lottery numbers to pick. All three have won jackpots of 5 figures or more. I haven't personally tried it, but some day I may just for fun. 


In my practice I use muscle testing to guide the work I do for my clients. Often times people do not know what the root problem is that is causing them to be sick. By using muscle testing I can arrive at the right answer, which makes our work much faster and streamlines the process. What that means to my clients is that it essentially saves them time and money because I know where our sessions need to focus. Most of the time I get insights or intuitions which answers the question before I even muscle test.

For you, the lay person, muscle testing is pretty easy to learn. It is a tool that is too beneficial to pass up. For example let's say you are having an allergic reaction to something unknown. The first thing you may do is take a Benadryl or other drug to stop the reaction. You may have a couple of choices as to what caused the reaction, but the only way to know for sure is to get allergy tested at the doctors office. 

With severe allergies you should always consult your physician, but with a minor allergic reaction, you can use muscle testing to find out what caused it. Your body will give you the answer through muscle testing and from then on you know what food or substance you should avoid.  

You can also release that substance as an energy toxin to your body using EFT. Done correctly, you will then be able to use that substance without incidence. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT TO BE DONE WITH ANY LIFE THREATENING SUBSTANCES.

Muscle testing can help you choose foods and personal products which are in natural harmony with your body. Those foods and products which are not in harmony with your body can also be released as energy toxins. See the section on ENERGY TOXIN RELEASING for more information on ridding your body of energy toxins for better health and energy.

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