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“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the

body’s energy system.”

by Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

You can be successful with tapping on your own energy meridians, however due to some issues being multi-layered, best results generally can be gained from working with an EFT Practitioner


  • Memorize The Basic Recipe

  • Apply it to any emotional or physical problem

  • Customizing it with an appropriate Setup Statement and Reminder Phrase

  • Be specific where possible

  • Aim EFT at a specific emotional event in your life that may underlie the problem.

  • Where necessary, be persistent by repeating the rounds of tapping until all aspects of the problem have vanished or reduced to a 1 or 0 on the Intensity Level Scale also called a SUDS level (subjective units of discomfort scale).


Before you begin: 

Give your issue/problem an intensity level (SUDS) number from 0-10. Zero means it causes no intensity at all, with a 10 being the greatest possible intensity, extreme discomfort - either physical or emotional. 

Write this starting number down next to the name of the issue or problem. Tap once through the sequence and reassess your discomfort levelNow write down the new number.Keep tapping through the Sequence until you reach a zero intensity level

Keep records of the intensity level of each round at the beginning, all intermediate and the ending levels of intensity

For Example:

Migraine headache:

Start SUDS level (intensity level) 6 => 4 => 3 => 1 => 0


 USE 2-4 FINGERS WHEN TAPPING 7-9 times on each location

EB eyebrow - just before the beginning of the eyebrow closest to the nose

SE side of eye - at the outside point of the eye out on the bone

UE under eye - on the orbit bone under the eye right in line with the pupil

UN under nose - halfway between the nose and upper lip in the center dent

CH chin - midway between the bottom lip and the bottom of chin usually in the dent

CB collarbone - Where a man would knot his tie, then about an inch out to either side

UA under arm - about 4 inches under the arm pit

TH thumb - closest point to you body on the side of thumb at the base of the nail pad

IF index finger - closest point to the body, on side and at base of the nail pad

MF middle finger - closest point to the body, on side and at base of the nail pad

BF baby finger - closest point to the body, on side and at base of the nail pad

KC karate chop -side point between the base of the pinky finger and the top of the writst

PP perfume points on inside of wrists - just tap these together

HD Top of the head just forward of the crown





Do as many rounds as it takes to bring your intensity levels down to zero.

This shortcut is usually enough to diffuse most issues. If it does not, then add the finger points.

As a last resort use the gamut point - added below:

***I find that the shortcut works fine, just be persistent with it. Tap for as long as you need to bring down your SUDs numbers. You will find it is well worth it when you get relief from a problem that is upsetting or painful to you***

GP Gamut Point - Ball your hand into a fist, then look at the back of your hand...

The GP lies between the fourth and pinky or baby finger in the indentation between the two fingers on the back or top side of your hand



Continuously Tap the Karate Chop point

1.The Setup…..Repeat 3 times this statement while continuously tapping the KC or Karate Chop point. This step is critical to getting rid of emotional blocks to your success, called Psychological Reversal. 

“Even though I have this __________(name your problem)

I deeply and completely accept myself.”

2. The Sequence….. Tap about 7 – 9 times on each of the following energy points while repeating the Reminder Phrase (“this ______________”) at each point (again, name the problem)

                     EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, CB, UA, PP, HD, TH, IF, MF, BF, KC

3. The 9 Gamut Procedure (you will most likely not need to use this section because most issues will go away without it).….. Continuously tap on the Gamut point while

performing these 9 actions:

(1) Eyes closed

(2) Eyes open

(3) Eyes look hard down to the right (Keep your head still)

(4) Eyes hard down left (Again, keep the head still)

(5) Roll eyes clockwise

(6) Roll eyes counterclockwise

(7) Hum 2 seconds of a song

(8) Count to 9 rapidly

(9) Hum 2 seconds of a song

~these actions engage both the right and left sides of the brain~

4. The Sequence (again)…..Tap 7-9 times on each of the following energy points while repeating the Reminder Phrase (“this________”) at each point


Note : In second, third, fourth or more rounds, the Set up and Reminder phrases are changed to address the


Set up would be... "Even though I have this remaining______(name of the problem), I deeply and completely accept myself

Reminder phrase as you run through the sequence is "this remaining ___________(name of the problem)."

To those of you following the Law of Attraction it may seem counterintuitive to use the negative phrases. However, you MUST say the negative in order to cue your body to the problem. After you have brought a problem to an Intensity Level of zero, you may feel free to add in another couple of rounds where you use a positive affirmation.

Example: You are tapping for "stress with Carl at work "....Once that is a zero IL (intensity level) you may start a new round where the

Set Up Statement sounds like "Even though I have this stress at work, I CHOOSE to have harmony in my relationships at work."

Keep tapping further rounds until the discomfort is at an IL of zero.

NOTE: "Stress at work" is too global, so define specific people, tasks or events at work that cause you stress. Aiming EFT at a specific stressor is much more effective. An example would be "Even though Carl tries to undermine my work with the team...I deeply and completely love and accept myself" The reminder phrase would be "Carl is unprofessional.... or Carl causes dissension......or undermines the team."

You should find that your attitude is better at work and relationships therein will improve as well. If not, tap on that a few times a week until you see positive changes. Sometimes you will gain insights during tapping that help you to understand why Carl is having problems.

Generally the changes you see with EFT are permanent. If they are not, and the problem continues to come back, it simply means there are underlying issues causing the problem which must also be "tapped on." These are referred to as Core Issues. 

**This is where an EFT Practitioner will be very helpful. Many times when Core Issues are collapsed, the physical symptoms go away completely**

Please be reminded that EFT should be a complement to both professional medical and mental health care for best results!

Refer to for more information on EFT. It is the ultimate source and a wealth of information on EFT. Special thanks to Gary Craig, founder of EFT for sharing his wisdom so generously with millions of people around the world!

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