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We all know someone who is always negative, the glass is always half empty, and worse yet is the pessimist who believes the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. I call those people "Pessimists with an attitude." They can exasperate you and suck every ounce of joy out of you in ten seconds flat! Don't be too hard on them, they learned their attitudes from others they have come into contact with during their lives, most commonly their parents or other family members. They are doing the best they can, with what they were shown by example!

Many of you have heard of the movie The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. If you have not, rent it or buy it as soon as you can. Better yet, get the movie and then purchase her CDs of The Secret, as they give you concrete ways to implement the law of attraction in your every day life. I listen to those CDs pretty much on an endless loop in my car. It is a good way to keep from dwelling on sad news stories. While it is important to listen to the news, it is not in our best interests to dwell on depressing news. Send a prayer or healing energy their way and move on to more positive activities.

Every day when you awaken, you make a conscious choice as to how your day will progress or manifest. When you arise in a foul mood, the rest of your day will be awful. By stark contrast, when you awaken with gratitude for what you do have and don't moan about how bad your life is, and greet the day with happiness, your day will be wonderful. 

If you have a hard time believing it, prove me my guest. Try it both ways on two different morning and see what happens with your day! Wake up happy and expect good things, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO FAKE IT! You will be amazed......but I won't! 

We are energetic beings and every thought we think has its own energy frequency. When you send your thoughts out into the universe, the universe will send back to you more of the same. Simply put, send out happy vibes and you get more things to be happy about sent back to you. Send out anger and other negative thoughts and more negative events and situations come right back to you. 

The law of attraction is one of the primary Laws of Physics. No one disputes the science behind it. Neither should you. Just test it out for yourself. 

We all struggle with staying positive when we have so much negativity surrounding us. If you can tip the balance even to 51% happy/positive thoughts....your life will change for the better. Then work on increasing that percentage.

How does EFT figure into the Law of Attraction? 

EFT helps you STOP the negative thoughts that simply show up in your head on an ongoing basis. Negative thoughts are simply negative chemicals our bodies create when we think negative or cruel thoughts. Get rid of the chemicals of negativity and you create a new version of yourself....a happier, more positive version. 

Many people in our society are living with debt. Record numbers of people have filed for bankruptcy or had homes foreclosed upon in the past several years. These people come from every sector of our communities. When you are experiencing financial difficulties, it is extremely hard to think positively about money. Money woes are huge stressors and they cause families to break apart and individuals to break down. Focusing on your money woes will only bring about more money problems! When you dwell on financial difficulties, you send out vibrations of lack into the universe. Guess what happens? You end up with more money woes than before.

We can start to change the picture of our finances when we focus on gratitude for what we do have, and stop whining about what we don't have. Continually send out vibrations of abundance and financial security and you will find abundance and security waiting for youl

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