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NOTE*** we are not addressing any type of life threatening allergic type reaction ***

If you have serious or life threatening allergies, please do not use these methods to clear them. Always assume you are allergic to these items and avoid all contact with them unless you have been retested by your physician and are told you are no longer allergic to the item.

We are referring to any reactions to the many varieties of different substances ranging from foods, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, to potentially everything in our indoor and outdoor environments.

 An energy toxin for our purposes here is defined as any substance the body deems dangerous to it. The more stress you are under, the more likely you are to become reactive to more and more substances. 

 When the body continues to react to a multitude of substances the body reaches the Rain Barrel Effect. The body can no longer handle anything that comes into it and may experience a general breakdown which may include chronic infections and reactions.

Our bodies are designed to heal and protect themselves. When the body perceives danger at an incoming substance, it has two defenses:

  • Throw inflammation at the problem to "kill it"

  • Throw "water" at it to dilute the perceived "poison"

It isn't the pollen or other allergen or energy toxin that causes you to feel miserable. It is your body's REACTION to the toxin that causes the reaction. In essence:

  • the inflammation and irritation in your nasal passages and sinuses is caused the effort by the body to kill the problem substance to keep it from harming the body.

  • the "water" is the mucus production and bloating in our bodies that make us feel miserable

Both of these reactions create the perfect storm of misery for us in our daily lives.


Much like the administration of allergy shots which cause the body to get used to the allergens slowly over time, we can also do this with EFT and other energy modalities. The solution lies in releasing the specific substances as energy toxins to your body. Remember that your body was designed to and wants to heal itself. Every day, every time.

Even if you are not sure of the exact reactive substances, they can still be released. Once released, your body relaxes in the presence of formerly reactive substances. Your body is no longer creating inflammation and mucus in response to the environment. This work targets all energy toxins indoors, outdoors and in your own body.  

I offer 2 different clearing programs. One is for the normal allergy and sensitivity reactions to environmental substances both indoors and outdoors. The second program is for substances we cannot avoid such as heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum chemicals, dioxins etc. This is an extensive list and includes parts of our own bodies which we can sometimes become reactive to due to extreme stress. For example children with ADD and ADHD are highly reactive to parts of their own brains. If the body is throwing inflammation and water at those parts, then the premise is that those parts are not able to function optimally. When those brain parts are released as energy toxins, the body stops fighting those areas of the brain and ADD and ADHD symptoms tend to subside. We also release our own hormones and other bodily fluids as energy toxins to our bodies. This program has a 13 page list of substances, many of which are within the body itself. My clients report feeling better, lighter, healthier and more energetic when these are released.

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