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 Corporate Training

Why Should Corporations Consider EFT Training for Their Employees?

  • Total US economic cost of Overweight and Obese adults is $270 Billion per year (Society of Actuaries - SOA)

  • Tobacco Use in US Total healthcare expenditure (SOA) $ 96 Billion per year

  • Mental Health Care costs in 2006 (NIMH) $ 57 Billion

  • Chronic pain costs the United States an estimated $50 billion every year, making it one of the country's most expensive health problem. (NIH)

  • Arthritis affects 40 million people and costs over $4 billion in lost income and health care. Another 45 million suffer chronic, recurrent headaches and cost corporations around $4 billion per year.

Overweight and Obesity

  • Less than 1/3 of US adults are at a healthy weight.

  • According to the SOA, 83% of adults said they would follow a healthy lifestyle program if they received incentives form their healthcare provider.

EFT puts wellness in your employees' direct control and is a natural, non invasive method of treatment.

**Remember that EFT is meant to be a completment to an

individual's ongoing mental or medical health**

Healthier employees = happier employees= healthcare costs savings for the corporations= Happier Corporate Heads

Pain alleviation and management is just one of the many benefits of EFT. 

Smoking cessation and weight management programs are extremely effective, with a success rate of 70 % or better

*A no cost, in house demonstration of the effectiveness of EFT can be given at your workplace prior to a contractual commitment, ensuring your investment is a sound one.*

Corporate programs are custom designed and implemented in a large group setting initially and then broken down into smaller groups. Follow up training can be made available as well to groups or individuals. Using EFT at the corporate level helps employees take charge of their own personal wellness program which can then generally lead to lower health care costs over time. EFT is also successful for increasing job effectiveness and relationships.

Since many physicians agree that physical illness often follows emotional traumas, it also follows that when emotional traumas are released through EFT, physical illness is often relieved. Employee confidentiality is guaranteed. Follow up programs are established at varying intervals.

EFT often provides rapid, permanent relief also for:

  • anxiety and stress

  • anger

  • allergies and sensitivities

  • back and other chronic pain

  • headaches and migraines

  • fears and phobias

  • traumas and PTSD

  • children's issues

  • weight loss

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • grief

  • women's issues

  • smoking and other addictions

Additionally EFT can:

  •  boost sales performance

  • reduce anxiety over cold calling or client contact

  • improve motivation and job focus

  • improve overall job performance

  • remove individual self-limiting factors

  • address self esteem issues

  • improve relationships both inside and outside the office

  • lowering stress levels and cortisol production

  • bringing relief for fear of public speaking

  • prevents "presenteeism"

  • help employees achieve Peak Performance on many levels

.........and much more,

A no cost trial demonstration of the effectiveness of EFT can be given at your workplace prior to a contractual commitment, ensuring your investment is a sound one.

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