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CASE STUDIES Note: If you use these protocols and find a difference, please email me at: to share your testimonial or ask questions if EFT is not working for you. If EFT is not working for you either call or email me so we can see why it isn't and get you on the track to healing. I would appreciate hearing your stories.

A word about SUDS (Subjective Units of Discomfort Scale) numbers or Intensity Levels. Before you begin EFT for a particular issue, you must assess the intensity level of the problem. We use a scale from 0-10, where zero is no intensity at all (either emotionally or physically) and 10 is extreme intensity. After each round of tapping protocols, STOP and reassess your SUDS or Intensity Level. Keep tapping additional rounds until you reach a SUDS of zero. This is how you know you have alleviated an issue from your body either physically or emotionally. Keep a ledger or Personal Peace Journal of your work. This can be kept in a simple spiral notebook and may look something like this: Back Pain (Issue) Beginning SUDS of 7 Round 1 Round 2 Round 4 etc Ending SUDS back pain           6                    4              2               0. This information will also help you understand the following case studies of people I have worked with.

Case Study # 1 JS - a thirty-eight year old woman manifested with a headache with an SUDS or intensity level of 6 and it was "ramping up" rapidly.

Round 1 brought it down to 4

Round 2 2

Round 3 1

As we talked after round 3 she said the headache was completely gone. Five months later she said she had only had 2 more headaches, both of which she tapped on her own and brought quickly down to an SUDS of zero. Typically her headaches sent her to bed with 1000 mg of Advil usually for 2-6 hours. She now uses EFT with her children when they get headaches with similar success.

Case Study # 2 Angie - a fifty-one year old woman started developing a migraine with auras and nausea while driving. She indicated that her migraines were precursors of the sinus infection to come which sent her running for an antibiotic prescription. She pulled off the side of the road and used the EFT protocols (which are also referred to as tapping). Starting intensity of the migraine was a 7

Starting intensity of the fear of the migraine was a 10.

Round 1 consisted of statements of both the migraine and the fear alternating.

Round 1 ended with a SUDS of 5 - for both the fear and the migraine

Round 2 ending SUDS of 4

Round 3 ending SUDS 4

Round 4 ending SUDS 3

Round 5 ending SUDS 2

Round 6 ending SUDS 1

Round 7 ending SUDS 0 

All of these rounds took less than 6 minutes. She later told me that the sinus infection she had felt coming on never manifested at all and the migraine never returned. Her migraines usually last from 12 hours to 3 days when accompanied by a sinus infection.

Case Study # 3 Albert, a 48 year old man had a ringing sound and fullness in his right ear that had been there for 2 months. The ringing sound was continuous and very distracting. He said his doctor was trying to schedule him for surgery for a procedure to possibly solve the problem, but with no guarantee it would work.

Beginning SUDS 7

Round 1 SUDS 4

Round 2 SUDS 3

Round 3 SUDS 2

Round 4 SUDS 1.5

Round 5 SUDS Zero

He said fter the third round that he felt "something shifting or changing" in his ear but could not quite explain what it was. This is fairly common.I spoke with him two weeks later and he said the ringing sound had come back a few times, but he used the protocols himself and brought it back to a zero each time. He has spoken with his doctor who agreed that surgery was no longer needed as long as it was under control. He was urged by me to continue his medical check ups and to continue tapping as needed.

Case Study # 4 Barb, a thirty two year old had fullness/fluid on her right ear and the early beginnings of vertigo symptoms.

Beginning SUDs 5

We tapped 4 rounds for the fluid in the ear, bringing it to zero

We tapped 6 rounds for the vertigo and the fear of the vertigo attack, bringing the fear down to zero after 3 rounds.

Vertigo symptoms went down to zero after the 3 round as well but she wanted to "make sure" it went away so we tapped 3 more rounds.

Case Study # 5 JC, A twenty something young lady who told me she had "too many negative ions" and that she continually caused problems with electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, remotes, Ipods etc. A typical conversation on her cell phone would experience 2-3 dropped calls during a thirty minute conversation. I have heard of this before but don't really know that much about it. We started tapping for " this negative ion problem" and "my problem with electronics."

Beginning SUDs 8

Subsequent Rounds could not be measured until tested later. An hour or so later she called her husband and talked for about 30 minutes. She experienced NO dropped calls or signal failures at all. Update: 4 days later, JC has had ZERO problems with all the electronics she comes in contact with each day

Ending SUDs 0.

2. JC developed a fever blister on the mouth.

Beginning SUDs 8

Taking what she learned a few days earlier, she tapped for the "fever blister" on a Tuesday evening. When she woke up the next morning, the fever blister was completely gone

Ending SUDs 0

Case Study # 6 Caroline, an 18 year old girl with acne.

Beginning SUDs 10, face broken out over 30 % of her face. We ran through 8 rounds of protocols (tapping) Reassessment less than 2 days later, her face had cleared up almost completely with no visible redness. I would call that an

Ending SUDs of zero!

Her acne returns periodically - most likely hormonal. Have advised her to tap twice a week for "this acne" and "hormone fluctuations." Follow up regularly shows that as long as she taps her complexion stays 90% acne free. She does not always follow through. My advice is to continue tapping and see what core issues pop up and tap on those as well. She has a fair amount of stress in her life and that would be a good place to start

Case Study # 7 A seventeen year old volleyball player wanted to increase her vertical jump. She had an average of a 14 inch vertical jump to start (averaged after 5 jumps).Ending vertical jump was 20 inches. One month later vertical jump was still averaging around 20 inches.

Case Study # 8 1.Angie (from Case Study # 2) Angie has had a severe reaction/sensitivity to perfumes for approximately 5 years. Upon exposure to perfume, she gets an immediate, severe level 10 headache which lasts for several hours, requiring large quantities of ibuprofen and much bed rest. After running a specialized but non invasive treatment for the perfume sensitivity for approximately 4 minutes, Angie has a zero (0) SUDs. Follow up at 3 weeks: Angie went to a clothing store which pipes their very strong signature cologne scents through the ventilation system. She was in the store shopping with her children for approximately 30 minutes, with absolutely NO adverse reaction.

SUDs 0

Follow up at 4 months: Angie has no reactions to perfumes at all. Further follow up at 1.5 years No reaction at all to any fragrances

Follow up at 2.5 years No reactions to any fragrances

SUDs 0

Angie also has allergies to approximately 60 allergens, some on a severe level. A typical year will find her on about 10 courses of antibiotics for sinus infections. After clearing her of the allergens in her environment, she has had only 1 sinus infection that required antibiotics in the last 6 months.

Case Study # 9 BN is a fifty-ish woman who wanted to see if tapping could help her poor posture, more specifically her slumped shoulders. She categorized it as an

SUDs of 10, as it is extremely bothersome to her. While in a group setting she tapped along for "poor posture" and "stooped shoulders." After 4 rounds of tapping she indicated that it felt at an IL of 4. The next day, she was driving on a 2 hour trip and noted that she was sitting up very straight and that her shoulders were back. She then categorized her shoulders at an

SUDs of 0. It has continued to hold at a zero 4 days later. 

Case Study # 10 B was experiencing anxiety over an undisclosed family issue.

Her beginning SUDs was an 8. After 6 rounds of tapping in a group setting and focusing on her issue, she reported and

ending SUDs of 0

and reported feeling peaceful and calm about the issue.

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