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Release limiting beliefs that are buried deep in your subconscious mind in a negative endless loop, holding you back from the best version of yourself. This is an integral part of the road to recovery and reaching your full potential in all areas of life. Clients feel like they have broken through the glass ceilings that have held them back throughout their lives. A step by step easy to follow E book

Naturally release non life threatening allergies and sensitivities in an easy step by step progression. Releases your body of the negative inflammatory processes that make you miserable when allergies are present. Changes are generally permanent. E Book and Workbook

The E Book version. Step by step instructions on how to release your body of energy toxins that zap your strength, energy and health on a daily basis. You will see the changes as you complete the program. Workbook & Instructions

Step by step workbook with complete tapping sequences for managing cravings, stress eating and losing weight

5 Private Sessions: Natural, permanent weight management is NOT a diet. Release cravings and all the emotions behind your eating habits at the cellular level, ramp up your metabolism in a healthy natural way. Take your body out of insulin resistance and out of the fight, flight or freeze mode and MUCH MORE