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Limiting beliefs are statements or life lessons spoken by our parents, teachers, friends, other family members, pastors, the media and other people of influence over us. They are generally stated by well meaning people who don't want us to get our hopes up about life. Sometimes however, they are said to us by people who are maybe NOT so well meaning and in fact many times just cruel.

Examples of limiting beliefs include:

You will never get ahead

Our people don't come from money

Only men can make big money

You are not smart enough

You will never amount to anything

Most wealthy people are greedy

Money is the root of all evil

You are not smart enough to go to college

You are not good enough to play short stop, point guard etc

You are not an outside shooter

You are too short to play basketball

And my personal (not so) favorite is: Girls can only be nurses, teachers or librarians! 

Here is an example of how powerful and influential these statements can be:

I am one of 3 girls in my family. Our wonderful mother always told us we could be doctors, lawyers, company presidents, senators etc. However, early on our teachers continually preached to us that girls could only be nurses, teachers or librarians. By the time our mother was telling us we could do anything we wanted with no limits, it was already chemically entrenched in our bodies. 

My oldest sister became an Xray Tech (basically the "nurse" in this scenario). My second oldest sister became a librarian and I followed in lock step to become the teacher of the family. 

ALL of these limiting beliefs are buried in our subconscious minds in an endless loop for our entire lives. They are literal chemical signatures being carried around by us as baggage at the cellular level. EFT and the other modalities I use release these chemical signatures from the cells. 

I continue to be amazed at the baggage that people carry around, placed there by mostly well meaning souls. 

When I began to release my own limiting beliefs I was shocked to find out that I had one that said:

I never have anything important to say, a limiting belief I picked up at the age of 5 (and yes, we can determine how old you were and who/where it came from through muscle testing if you want to know). At five years old I was the youngest of 3 girls, my Mom was busy taking care of all three of us and was also involved in our schools, church and other community activities. My intuition is that when I talked on incessantly trying to seek attention, my family wasn't really paying attention....thus the limiting belief that "I never have anything important to say." Now that I know how wonderful EFT and other energy modalities are, I realized I wasn't telling people how wonderful, capable and deserving they were as I should have been. I was held back by that limiting belief and many others I discovered I had. Limiting beliefs are often passed down generationally.

The most interesting thing I have learned about limiting beliefs is that they are so powerful over the majority of people that we truly hold ourselves back in life with no easy means of getting past our pasts.

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