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"Words have the power to rewire our brains on demand to dramatically shift your mind and body so that chemically you are no longer the same person you were only moments ago." 

Gregg Braden in The Wisdom Codes

TouchPoints EFT & Sports Performance was established to help people learn how to help themselves to better emotional and physical health through EFT or Tapping and other energy modalities. As I work with clients, I am teaching them to do this work themselves to overcome a myriad of emotional traumas, both big and small, as well as many physical problems. Releasing old traumas and emotions leads to better physical and emotional health.

How many of you know someone, including yourself who thinks about an old trauma and says, "Oh, I got over that years ago?" MOST of us carry the chemical and energetic signatures of those events for decades and sometimes our entire lives. So even though you may be diminishing it mentally does not mean your body has released it chemically. This is extremely important to realize.

EFT and the other energy medicine modalities I incorporate into my practice are designed to release the chemicals and emotions of traumatic events that tend to remain in your body at the cellular level. Most physicians and even the NIH, National Institutes of Health, World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic and others now readily agree that between 80-95% of all disease processes and illnesses are rooted in one or more emotional events in your life. Physical injuries often stem from an emotional root cause as well.

Now is the time to take control of your life and clear out all the old emotional and physical baggage, including limiting beliefs, releasing allergies naturally and using the Law of Attraction in your life fir achieve your goals finally. Negative baggage you picked up along the way that you have carried around for far too long diminishes your chances at living an amazing life filled with joy, prosperity and love. It's worked for me and for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and it will work for you. I have many very satisfied clients who continue to refer friends, family and coworkers to me on a regular basis.

**Please read a bit about these amazing techniques on the next several pages to literally help you change your life and health for the better! **

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  • Releasing Energy Toxins for better health

  • Release Allergy symptoms forever

  • Sports Performance for all sports

  • Injury & Surgery Recovery-including older injuries

  • Relationships

  • Weight Management (this is not a diet, see Weight Mgmt page)

  • Your Relationship with Money/Prosperity

  • Law of Attraction - Breaking negative habits

  • Limiting Beliefs - Knocking out limiting beliefs that hold you back, defusing old memories, traumas

  • Physical Issues - back pain, illness etc

  • Emotional Issues of almost all types

  • Disease processes

  • Anxiety & Panic Disorder

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Anger Management

  • Grief & Guilt & Forgiveness

  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Release of Sensitivities for those with Autism Disorders

  • ADD and ADHD help


Single Session * 1.5 hours 

10 Session Commitment 

5 Sessions Any Type

2 Sessions Any Type 

Releasing Allergies & Sensitivities 

Weight Management 

Sports Performance  

$ 100

$ 875 ($88 per session)

$ 440 ($88 per session)

 $ 180

$ 375 4 Sessions

 $ 475 5 Sessions

 * Release limiting beliefs, rid your body of negative habits & make permanent mechanical changes*

Various packages designed for specific sports.

Golf & Most Sports 

Surgery & Injury Recovery

All Other Issues     

$ 300 2 Sessions

$ 100 per session

$ 100 per session

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