TouchPoints EFT & Sports Performance - *EFT * Sports Performance Programs * Matrix Reimprinting*
Single Session 1 1/2 hours  (any modality)   $   90      for 1Session
Releasing Limiting Beliefs                                 $  220    3 sessions

Total Energy Toxin Release                              $  240    3 Sessions

Release Allergies & Sensitivities                                $  240     3 Sessions

3 Session Discount                                                      $  240     3 Sessions

5 Session Discount                 
$  375     5 Sessions

10 Sessions Discount                                                      $  750   10 Sessions

Weight Management                     
$  400     5 Sessions
Programs are one on one sesions with me plus a workbook.
E Books
Muscle Testing E Book                                    $    10
Total Energy Toxin Release E Book                $  135
Release Allergies & Sensitivities E Book        $  145
Release Limiting Beliefs                                  $  125
Weight Management DIY E Book                    $  285
E Books are step by step do it yourself Workbook versions of my one on one sessions.  They are just as effective and save you money.  If you have questions while working any of these E Book programs you can email me at: and I will contact you as soon as possible. 
Send me your phone number also so that I may call you if needed.  I am dedicated to your success and that pertains to the E Books as well as my one on one sessions.
I don't just want to sell you my programs and E Books, I want to help you make permanent changes in your life so you can go from surviving to thriving and living in peace, joy and optimal health.
**Money Back Garantee on all Programs**
If you are not satisfied with the program or my services, please send me an email request within 14 days of purchase and I will refund your money!